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The Basics: How to use the Big Shot Die Cutting Machine

Today I have one of my new style videos to share with you – How to use the Stampin’ Up! Big Shot die cutting machine.

There is so much about stamping that I learned through trial and error.  Some things were found through YouTube and Pinterest but a lot of knowledge is assumed on how to get started and what a certain tool is for (just like in my Project Go Create! videos). Many people are still struggling to find a how-to on the basics and that is how this video series has been born.

Today’s share is about the Big Shot die cutting machine.  It assumes that you know what it’s for  (cutting paper, card and up to fifty other different materials) and at least some of the things it can do, then takes you step by step through the platforms and tools that will help you on your stamping journey.  I haven’t shown the Bigz dies as Stampin’ Up! no longer carry them and I’ve let go of all of mine.  Also I say ‘ok’ far too much but only realised afterwards! 🙂

The Big Shot is an investment piece that will last you years and bring you crafting joy, not to mention making your life much much easier.  If you’re into quilting or fabric crafts then the machine can cut felt and fabric, as well as magnetic sheets, sticky back chalkboard paper and much more!  All you need is the correct dies for the job.

How to use the Stampin’ Up! Big Shot die cutting machine

Hope you find the video useful…

This series is about helping you, my viewer, so if there’s anything unclear, or other tools or techniques you’re stuck on, please drop a comment below or send me an email… I genuinely want to help!

Thanks for watching and happy die-cutting!

Rhoda xx

Stampin' Up! Big Shot die cutting machine



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