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Heat Embossing Joy

If you’ve been stamping for a while, or new to crafting but want to get stuck in to the fun stuff, the Hello Friend Heat Embossing Project Kit is for you.  It’s not an all-inclusive kit, so you need some extra tools, but it’s tools that you will use over and over again.  On top of that, the kit gets you started with clear instructions on two great techniques that I use time and time again; watercolouring and heat embossing.

How to Watercolour

I’ve posted several times on watercolouring (and here and here) but wanted to give you a simple how-to:

  1. Grab an ink pad and squeeze it.
  2. Open it and just use the open lid.
  3. Choose an Aqua Painter or a Blender Pen.
  4. Pick up the ink from the lid and brush onto a piece of Watercolour paper or Shimmery White card stock.
  5. When you’ve finished your watercolouring, leave to dry.

Easy isn’t it? Now for heat embossing…

How to Heat Emboss

  1. Rub your card stock with an embossing buddy.
  2. Stamp your chosen image in VersaMark ink.
  3. Pour on your chosen colour powder and make sure the image is completely covered.
  4. Tip off back into the container.
  5. Heat the powder with the heat tool until it has melted.

And the wonderful cards:

Hello Friend Heat Embossing Kit

You can see that the ‘hello’ has been pressed right onto the VersaMark ink pad and then the powder sprinkled directly on top.  The greeting and the background on the white card have been embossed, and the white flowers on the green card’s wreath. I love the different styles of these three cards. They’re great if you want something traditional, modern or somewhere in between, and you get lots of each.

If you’re looking to try something new or for a kit that uses the skills you already know, then this is it. I’ve added everything you need below and feel free to adapt to what you have already…

Happy stampin’ (and embossing!)

Rhoda xx

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