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Holidays and Christmas planning!


I’m back from summer camps and two weeks away visiting friends and family.  It was so lovely to unplug for a few weeks and just spend time visiting, eating and laughing.

Whilst we were away we visited my in-laws in Scotland and my family in Northampton.  I also managed to visit two of my closest friends, one near Inverness and one in Berkshire.  I love them both so much and wish they lived closer but such is life!  Cole meeting Cedar, my friend’s youngest, for the first time (don’t you just want to squish her!)


We had a fantastic couple of weeks of weather which really does help keeping children relaxed and happy (and gave us the chance to go out and explore!)  We went to play parks, soft plays, football pitches, had barbecues and went canoeing, we also did a little shopping and I nipped down to London for the day to go to a Quill London improver calligraphy workshop.  I took absolutely no photos of the beautiful set up, gorgeous shop or anything, but you can visit them online here.  This is just a couple of our lovely adventures…





I also ran a team training event and a Stampin’ Up! party.  I had such a wonderful time with the ladies on both days! (Thank you all for coming and making it so special!)  Here’s a snapshot of our lunch but I got too carried away to take photos of the crafting!


Now we are back and I’m excited to get Christmas crafting planned!  Our demonstrator pre-order period has started, so we have seen the beautiful Autumn Winter catalogue online and I’ll be shipping my customer copies in a couple of weeks! Hooray! (Not a customer but would like a copy? Send me an email (paperworks@hotmail.co.uk) xx

In the meantime I’m going to be using the Thoughtful Branches bundle that is available for the month of August only!  You can order it here.

This beautiful card was waiting for me when I got home, from the lovely Kerry Timms.  I love what she has done with it!


I’m also going to be making some new YouTube videos and wondered if you have any requests?  I’d love to be inspired by you to try something new!  Comment below and I’ll give some a go!

I’ll be back with some projects as soon as possible!

Happy Stampin’

Rhoda xx

P.S! Don’t forget to use your Bonus Days vouchers from your July orders!  They’re only valid til the end of the month!

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