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Host a Party

Hosting a Stampin’ Up! party is free, fun and rewarding.

What do I need to do?

Get in touch with me by phone (01806 522482) or email  (paperworks@hotmail.co.uk) and we can discuss a date and time that would suit you.  I’ll also ask you what you might like to try so I can tailor your party to you a little bit more! I’ll also show things that are new and techniques to help you develop your crafting repetoire!

What do I need?

I will give you a ‘Party Pack’ which has the latest catalogues, flyers with offers, invitation postcards and a few things to help you find potential guests. Plus a little gift from me!

What time of day should I host?

That entirely depends on you and your circumstances.  Most people host in the evenings, in their homes.  Some host in halls or friend’s/family’s homes or at toddler groups, care centres, businesses… the list is endless.  Anywhere with a table and chairs is great (and maybe a kettle!)

What do I need to do?

As a hostess it’s a good idea to aim to ask between 20 and 30 people.  Sounds a lot, but many will be unavailable or have children turn poorly etc.  Once you have invited people (about two week’s before) then send them a reminder email/text/phone call the day before just in case they’ve forgotten.  You can then share some of the things we’ll be doing with them.

What about the details?

I will call you around a week to two weeks before and confirm the details and approx no of attendees, if they’re new or experienced, how to find you and things like that!

What happens at the party?

Great Fun!

I will arrive about 30 minutes before the guests to set up and prepare.  You will need a table and chairs for each guest, I bring everything else!

I will show you a couple of projects or techniques and pass things around for you to look at and see for yourself. I will also give you a brief catalogue tour and do a little prize draw for your guestsThen I demonstrate the make n take, which the guests can then sit and complete with my assistance when needed.

At this point it’s great to have a cup of tea/coffee and a biscuit, but please don’t feel that you need to bake or get lots in, it’s a relaxed crafting night 🙂

Once the guests have completed their make n takes then they have the opportunity to ask me about products or projects they’re hoping to make etc. They can fill order forms in and there will be a final prize draw, and also gifts for anyone who books a party on the night.

Most of my ladies leave feeling content and commenting on what a fun, relaxing evening they’ve had.  And that makes my day!

What about my order?

You can choose to order at your party or choose to just spend the hostess benefits. One thing to bear in mind is that this is the best time for you to order, so grab the wish list from your party pack and add anything you can’t live without to your order.  The one who benefits is you!

Once your party sales reach £150 you can start adding free items!  Once sales reach £400 then you can also choose something half price!  Oh and your hostess benefit amount rises with your sales total! (See the chart in the catalogues for more).

Also, occasionally Stampin’ Up! have a hostess offer on with even more freebies for you.  I’ll tell you what the offers are when you book.

Who does my order come to?

It’s your choice. It can come straight to you, or you can have it delivered to me and I’ll sort everyone’s order and bring them round to you.  I recommend sorting the orders as you get to see things you haven’t ordered yourself which is always fun!

How long does my order take to arrive?

From when the order is placed, it takes approx 3-5 working days to the Mainland and approx 10-14 days to Shetland.

Who pays the shipping?

This varies from demo to demo.  I ask all my customers to add a 50p shipping charge and I cover the rest if it falls below £4.95

Can my friends order even if they can’t come?

Yes! I encourage you to get as many outside orders as possible, as your benefits will rise with each one. Plus it’s great for your friends to get their orders even if they couldn’t make it on the night. They don’t totally miss out! Stampin’ Up! now do a Host Code so friends and family who live further away can add to your order but have it shipped straight to them! Even better! I will tell you the code when you book your party and it can be used right up until the order closes.

How often can I host?

As often as you like! Stampin’ Up! delight us by frequent catalogues and in between new products too! As a hostess it’s great to see the new things first and to earn some freebies whilst having fun!

I love hosting! Should I join?

If you are a regular hostess, regular customer and love the products, why not check out my Joining Me page FAQs.  It sounds like your missing out on some discounts and commission, just for doing what you already love! Win-Win!

Any Questions missing?  Please let me know and I’ll add them and get back in touch.

My hostesses love having parties.  Bet you will too!

Much love,

Rhoda xx