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Join Stampin’ Up!

Join Stampin’ Up!

When I decided to join Stampin’ Up! over nine years ago, there were no local demonstrators, I had never been to a party or even seen a product!

I spent over an hour on the phone to Chris from Demo Support and asked him EVERYTHING I could think of!

So I want to share as much of that with you just now so you can think it all over.

Why join Stampin’ Up!?

For everyone the answer to this will be different, so this is what I have found…

Discount on products (20 to 25%), working when it suits you and around your family commitments, satisfaction and joy from crafting, sharing what you love with others, finding joy in having your own team, working alongside a company with great values who are never pushy or sales focused; they are a people focused company (and that is rare!) Getting support and finding friendship from fellow demos, earning free product, cash and Incentive Trips.  Contributing to household expenses with earnings (yes even after you’ve updated your stash!) Great friends!

What expectations are on me to demonstrate at parties?

None! You can keep yourself active (see below) by yourself, putting orders in for friends/family/craft group etc, you can have a purely online shop and blog/pin and Facebook to find fellow crafters, or you can demonstrate.

I would recommend not saying no to demonstrating without trying it.  I will give you support (I have helped my team design projects, sent them/loaned them products and talked through and assisted at their first parties.  They have also watched me do them) Also Stampin’ Up! give you lots of online help to get you started.  One of the reasons I recommend parties is for the sheer enjoyment of it! The feedback from customers is immense! And it’s a great way to meet new people and new hostesses too.

What do I have to do to stay on as a demo?

Stampin’ Up! asks all demos (hobby/business/online etc) to place £225 in commissionable sales orders (that means after VAT has been taken off) every three months.  That’s about the equivalent of one party every three months.

What happens if I don’t meet that?

You have another month to make it up. Stampin’ Up! knows that things crop up and they give you time to work towards it. If you don’t meet the quarterly minimum after the end of the extra (pending) month you are no longer active and can’t place orders anymore.

That’s it! You can keep all your stash and go back to another demo to order, attend parties and enjoy it.

What about re-joining?

You can re-join anytime after you go inactive.  If it’s within 45 days you must sign under your previous upline.  After that time you can choose another person to join under.  The cost is the same and you choose the kit the same, plus benefit from any extra offers on at that time.

What’s in the kit?

The kit costs £99 and you choose £130 products (or occasionally extra during offer times).  Those products can be anything you like from the current catalogues (excluding hostess sets or sale a bration freebies).

Can I host a party as a demo?

Oh yes!  You will receive a 20% – 25% commission on any orders placed at your party, plus any hostess benefits on qualifying parties.

What’s a qualifying party?

That’s when the party sales reach £150 (excluding shipping).  That means your hostess (or you as the hostess) start receiving hostess benefits.  The hostess benefits received depend on the final party total (shown at the end of each catalogue).

Can I earn anything besides commission?

Yes! There is the opportunity for volume rebate at the end of the month, which can increase your sales by up to 15% of your monthly total.  You can also earn percentages of your team’s sales and cash bonuses for team or personal promotions.

I don’t live in Shetland, can I join you?

Yes 🙂 I have team in England and Scotland, who I keep in regular contact with. We also have a secret Facebook group where we post regularly and we meet up at Convention.  I also run team trainings in England when I am back down and support my English and Scottish team in meeting their personal goals.

Some of my lovely Stampin’ Up! friends I’ve made online, and it’s amazing what an encouragement and impact people can have on you, even when they’re not nearby.

What support will you give me?

I have a team who are all at different stages with varying goals and I love that!  My job is to help you meet your PERSONAL goals (not my goals for you!) So I will ask you what you would like to do with Stampin’ Up! and do my best to help you get there.  I also try to meet or catch up with my team regularly and encourage them in any way I can.  I also am available to email/text/call/message with any query anytime.  I will get back to you as soon as I can. I will give you incentives and freebies on a regular basis and reward you when you meet certain goals (I’m not sharing what I do online as it’s for my team only :))

More Questions?

If I’ve missed anything please shout and I’ll add it to the page and contact you directly.

To join me click here

My husband and I have never regretted me joining Stampin’ Up! It has been a joy and a blessing over and over.  I want to share that with as many people as possible!

Much love

Rhoda xx