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Makelight Studio tour

Hi all,

Welcome to my London trip part two! You can see yesterday’s post here all about the Colour for Creative’s course and my first day.

After the course I was invited by the gorgeous Emily Quinton to come and see her Makelight studio, which was a short cab ride away from Brixton East 1871.  She was gracious to give me some of her time when she was trying to finish lots of projects off.  Sometimes you meet people who are lovely inside and out, Emily is one of those!

Here are some of my photos so you can just soak up the light and her beautiful props! I could’ve stayed all day!



My mood board on the famous flat lay desk (which is as beautiful in real life as it looks in her photos).





It really is a photographer’s paradise!  It was a treat to get along and visit, especially living so far away.  If you’re interested in learning how to take beautiful photographs why not have a look at Emily’s online or studio courses.  I thoroughly recommend them.

I’ll be back later in the week with some crafty projects (and maybe even get my latest video uploaded! Let’s all think good thoughts for Shetland internet!)

Happy Stampin’

Rhoda xx


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