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About Rhoda

Hello and welcome,  I’m so glad you’re here.

So here’s where I share a little about me….

I’m a stay at home mum of four boys and a UK Stampin’ Up! Demonstrator.  I was born and brought up in England but have lived in Shetland since I married thirteen years ago.  I love to craft!  I love making things with my Stampin’ goodies, inspiring others to create and teaching and supporting my team to do the same (see my Joining Me page).  I also enjoy taking photographs, I am learning to hand letter and how to use my beautiful Olympus Pen camera.

I mentioned that we have four boys, they are Will (12), Ethan (9), Jude (7) and Cole (2).  They are all fun-loving, noisy, adventurous and affectionate rogues whom I adore (most of the time!) 🙂

My husband is Alasdair, he sells salmon, mussels, mackerel and more and is my biggest supporter and encourager. He makes me laugh, shares my joys and difficult moments, brings my cups of tea and comes and talks to me whilst I’m crafting if we haven’t managed to see each other all day.

We live in a house in Shetland on the water’s edge, overlooking the Atlantic Ocean with the North Sea just about to touch. The land that separates the two is the village called Brae where I live.

About My Craft Space

After Cole was born in August 2014, my husband Alasdair and I moved our work rooms together to give him his own room.  This worked for a little while, but with filming and designing and needing preparation space (how does crafting get so messy?!), we soon realised that I would need to move again.  So here it is…

The craft space is white and pretty (I have four boys!) and I like to keep it tidy so I have room to breathe and think, but it’s a craft space, so often needs tidying!

The main storage:

My media desk and reading chair:

My bookshelf is something my husband likes to tease me about.  If I want to learn anything I read a book.  My bookshelves hold everything from being a wife and mother, to coaching a team, counselling, calligraphy and photography and much more.  I try to spend the first hour of my day (before my boys wake) reading something helpful and studying my Bible. I’m thankful for a few quiet moments to start my day on the right foot!

If you haven’t joined Stampin’ Up! or found a job that fits in with you, can I just say that this is a great one! You really can do what you like with it, work around your children, elderly parents or full time job.  And if you don’t have a room to craft in please don’t worry, I didn’t either to begin with, this job fits in with you (rooms and all!)  Find something you love and make it your job, and if you think this is it then please get in touch!

Much love

Rhoda xx